Quality print and magnet of
your instagram photos
How Instantgram Works


Instantgram is a personalized printing service that turns your Instagram images into lovely little magnets. You choose your pictures online and we deliver them to your door. Each Instantgram Magnet is 5cm x 5cm / 1.97in X 1.97in. That's approximately the same size as they appear on your iPhone.

Set of 9 (Free Worldwide Shipping) $17.00

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Hold on to your memories

Viewing your instagram photos on your mobile device is great
but holding them in your hands is even better.


Each set of Squares contain 24 photos (10.16cm x 10.16cm / 4 x 4 inches). A set of Mini-Squares contain 48 photos (6.35cm x 6.35cm / 2.5 x 2.5 inches).You can print as many copies of individual images as you like.

2 sizes- Free World Wide Shipping $17.00

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